10 Best Hotels In Santorini For A Luxurious Escape

Santorini enjoys high standing as the ultimate dream destination of travelers the world over — and with good reason. The southeastern Greek island is a confluence of the country’s most pronounced features, bringing together culture, history, tradition, and, of course, legendary scenic vistas all in one place. Santorini has something for everyone. While budget travelers can find plenty to do in Santorini, the grandeur of the island is best appreciated in luxurious poses.

The fabled Caldera, the crescent-shaped remnant of an ancient volcano, is a hotspot of luxury tourism in Santorini. Picture-perfect sapphire domes overlooking the majestic Aegean Sea and whitewashed settlements erected in the graceful style of traditional Cycladic architecture — all this and more form the backdrop to high-end hotels and resorts in Santorini, where guests can taste the finest of Mediterranean life . Pick your next stay from these 10 best hotels in Santorini for a luxurious escape.

Andronis luxury stay in Santorini
Image by Sofia from Pixabay

Andronis luxury stay in Santorini

Perched on a picturesque nook in the tourist-favorite town of Oia, the Andronis Luxury Suites offer a prime experience of romantic Santorini holidaying. Boasting expansive views of the Aegean Sea melting into the stunning coastline, this lavish stay is straight out of a minimalist Mediterranean dream. Enjoy an elegant spread at their famous cliffside Lycabettus Restaurant, which is one of Greece’s best restaurants with a view.

Perivolas luxury hotel in Santorini, Greece
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Perivolas luxury hotel in Santorini, Greece

Built to the luxe tastes of the contemporary global voyager, the Perivolas Lifestyle Houses command well-deserved awe as one of Santorini’s best luxury stays. It traces its legacy back to 1969 when a seafaring heir of the Psychas family procured the hilly premises. The architectural frame of Perivolas Lifestyle Houses resembles a whitewashed amphitheater reminiscent of ancient Greek history and houses clusters of traditional caves preserved between ultra-modern surroundings.

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Grace luxury hotel in Santorini
Photo by Valdemaras D.

Grace luxury hotel in Santorini

Bewitching vistas, upscale quarters, world-class hospitality — Grace Hotel has it all. Suspended on the premier end of Santorini’s Imerovigli village, the hotel takes pride in its inseparability from the island’s mythical lore steeped in romance. Sheltered within the hotel’s quintessentially Greek Cycladic architecture are prime spa experiences and hammam baths for guests to soak in tranquility at its finest.

Nous luxury hotel in Santorini

Noūs Santorini is a relatively newer establishment among the island’s luxe league but has already emerged to the fore as a high-hitting holiday spot. Located in the idyllic village of Mesaria, only a short distance away from the capital of Fira, Noūs Santorini evokes the country’s neoclassical architectural heritage in all its historic glory. It’s a slow-moving oasis, ideal for the contemporary world traveler pausing for breath… or breathtaking sunsets.

Aspaki luxury hotel in Santorini, Greece
Image by Clara CALDERINI from Pixabay

Santorini’s famous whitewashed, blue domes

The Aspaki Exclusive Hotel sparkles as one of Caldera’s most precious crown jewels. One of two highly-rated pavilions of luxury from the Art Maisons group in Oia, the Aspaki Exclusive Hotel offers sterling opulence without compromising on Santorini’s quintessentially clean aesthetic. Its outdoor jacuzzis and cave pools are all gateways to infinite views of the Aegean, best enjoyed with vino in hand and a paramour on the side.

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Beach club at Vedema Resort, Santorini

Vedema Resort is a private oasis helmed by the Marriott group of hotels, tucked away in a cozy cobblestone-specked corner of the historic 17th-century village of Megalochori. Idyllically located away from the Oia end of Santorini, meeting with tourists, Vedema Resort revels in its 400-year-old past as a wine cellar. From airy cottages to an exclusive cave restaurant, the whole place is touched by antique magic hard to find elsewhere.

A luxury spa at Santorini

Katikies Santorini is a divine slice of heaven perfect for travelers seeking a romantic escape. Among the best luxury hotels in Santorini, it is nestled restfully in the lap of the scenic Caldera, with its deluxe hospitality and sprawling acreage standing testament to its 5-star status. Hints of traditional old-world charm and a contemporary character equally balance out the magic here.

Athina sea-facing luxury hotel in Santorini
Photo by Artiom Vallat on Unsplash

Athina sea-facing luxury hotel in Santorini

The Athina Luxury Suites provide an elegant sanctum within Santorini’s capital city of Fira that hangs over the Aegean. The indulgent utilities this boutique hotel offers, including heated pools and wellness treatments, are surpassed only by its landmark location, which puts it at a stone’s throw distance from Fira’s main attractions.

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Canaves Oia luxury resort in Santorini
Image by Didiwo from Pixabay

Canaves Oia luxury resort in Santorini

Some of the best seats in the house from where to drink in the azure wonder of the majestic Aegean are found at the Canaves Oia Suites. The remarkable location of the property grants visitors superlative views throughout — from its sun-soaked luxury suites during the day to its top-rated Petra Restaurant at sunset when all of Oia lights up. It’s a true blue (literally) Greco fantasy come to life!

Santorini white and blue architecture

For explorers seeking scenic spots away from the island’s locus of tourism in Oia, the Santorini Kastelli Resort holds out as a remarkable luxury choice in the southeastern village of Kamari. The namesake Kamari Beach is one of Greece’s best and comes knocking right to the doorstep of this sweeping property, which is tastefully laid out as a quaint coastal village within a village. As ever, the Cycladic aesthetic is a sight for the afternoon eye, with the spa, library and pool facilities intensifying the resort’s allure.

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