10 Cheap Yet Highly Rated Vancouver Hotels To Enjoy Luxury Without Breaking The Bank

Vancouver, Canada, is the third-largest city in the country and offers travelers plenty to see, do, and eat while visiting. Located on the west coast of the country in beautiful British Columbia, Vancouver is divided into various neighborhoods that each offer their own unique experience and price range. Find out where to stay when visiting Vancouver and which hotels to book for a luxury experience in the city without breaking the bank.

Our recommendations for where to stay in Vancouver in this article are based on research regarding popular travel spots and average prices in the city. All recommendations for accommodation are based on a rating of at least 8.0 from users on Kayak and competitive pricing that keeps the costs low for such a major Canadian city.

White stadium in front of distant mountains
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White stadium in front of distant mountains, Vancouver

This gorgeous hotel is in the heart of Vancouver’s downtown core, offering an interior design that is luxurious and modern on a modest budget. The highly-rated hotel has hints of European charm and influence. The on-site restaurant is the Boulevard Kitchen & Oyster Bar, and guests can select a range of treatments from the hotel spa, Vida Spa.

Overlooking silver buildings and harbor
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Vancouver, Canada

Travelers who want to experience the natural beauty of Vancouver will adore the Times Square Suites Hotel, which is only 3 minutes away from Stanley Park. Stanley Park is an expansive green space that spans 400 hectares and boasts a beautiful Seawall for riding along the coast.

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Old town at night, orange light from street lamps
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Gastown, Vancouver, Canada

Located in Yaletown, this modern and trendy hotel is vibrant, lively, and set in the heart of Vancouver’s entertainment district. It’s a beautiful spot to base yourself on exploring the entire city. The rooms are tastefully decorated in clean and ultra-modern decor.

Boats in a harbor in front of a city
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Coal Harbor, Vancouver, BC, Canada

The Coast Coal Harbor Vancouver Hotel by Apa is excellent value for money in a convenient downtown location. The rooms are modern, with large windows offering scenic views of the surrounding buildings. Guests can relax at the outdoor pool, socialize at the bar, or dine at the on-site restaurant.

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Bridge over river with cars
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Lions Gate Bridge, Vancouver, BC

This full-service boutique hotel is located in the downtown core of Vancouver and offers a luxury experience for a reasonable nightly price. Each room is equipped with Beekman® bath amenities and yoga mats to elevate the guest experience. For female solo travelers, there is also a ladies-preferred Orchid floor of the hotel with 18 rooms.

Bridge at night with white railings and city lights
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Nighttime in Vancouver

Located on the west side of Vancouver, this hotel is modern and budget-friendly. It’s within an easy driving or transit travel distance from attractions like Kitsilano Beach, Queen Elizabeth Park, and the Granville Island Market. Guests looking for incredible amenities at an affordable hotel will appreciate the variety of luxuries available at the Suite Smart Vancouver.

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Air Canada aircraft, white with red logo, airborne
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Air Canada flight, Vancouver, plane in the blue sky

If Vancouver is a short stopover for travelers en route to a different end destination, Accent Inns Vancouver Airport is a comfortable and affordable place to stay for a weekend. It’s only 10 minutes from the Richmond Night Market, which makes a perfect outing for a single evening in the city. The airport shuttle comes at scheduled times and is free.

People walking on brown boardwalk by the water
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By the water in Vancouver

For a cozy, quaint experience in Vancouver, travelers can opt for the Windsor Guest House instead of a full-scale hotel. It’s located close to BC Place Stadium and has a historic charm that shows a different side of the city than urban hotels in the downtown core.

Traffic on a street lined with buildings
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Downtown Vancouver, British Columbia

The Century Plaza Hotel in Vancouver is the perfect solution for travelers who want luxury amenities on a tight budget. The hotel is relatively inexpensive compared to other options in the city, is located downtown, and offers on-site restaurants, Wi-Fi, and more.

Green street sign on a black traffic light post over city street
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Robson Street in Vancouver, Canada

The Blue Horizon Hotel is located in Vancouver’s West End on Robson Street. Robson Street is well known for its excellent shopping opportunities and plenty of delicious restaurants. Anyone staying in this area of ​​the city is within walking distance of various culinary experiences at all times.

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