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KOMPAS.com – Man Aur Tan Indian Authentic Indian Cuisine which is located on the 36th Floor of Manhattan Hotel Jakarta, Kunigan, South Jakarta is holding a Molecular Gastronomy Dinner from 27-29 January 2023.

Chef Sidarth Kumar from Man Aur Tan Indian Authentic Indian Cuisine Restaurant collaborated with Chef M. Hatta from The Sense Kitchen Jogja to present North Indian specialties with an attractive presentation.

“This is North Indian food with rich spices on a set menu of 10 dishes,” said Chef Sidarth during the Molecular Gastronomy Dinner, Wednesday (11/1/2023).

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For starters, there is Pudina Aur Numbu Ka Rass, which is a typical Indian drink made from mint leaves, lemon, black saltAnd jaal jeera.

Then, Chili Paneer Nachos made from corn tortilla, Indian paneer, various Indian spices, chili powder, And feta cheese caviar.

Followed by Indian Tresind Prawn made from tiger prawn, yogurt, ginger, jeera powder and lime juice.

Still on appetizers, Indian Curry Chicken Caesar Salad which consists of baby romaine, chicken breast, yogurt, various Indian spices, chili powderr, indian curried caesar dressing, and masala croutons.

Chili Paneer Nachos, Indian food at Hotel Manhattan Jakarta. Kompas.com/Silvita Agmasari Chili Paneer Nachos, Indian food at Hotel Manhattan Jakarta.

There is also Palak Chole Khazana which is made from spinach, indian chickpeas, creamy cheesee and chili as well as Mulligatawny.

Frango Soup made from indian yellow lentilsgreen beans, cauliflower, carrots, garam masala, and pepper.

As a refresher there is Mint Mojito Sphere of mint syrup, lime juice, sugar syrup and soda.

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Followed by the main course of Osso Buca Kashmiri Lamb which is made from Lamb leg with typical Indian spices and served with saffron rice and Indian Surf and Turf Restyle.

This dish is made from blackened sous vide of beef, prawn, ravioli, masala prawn bisque, And Indian dhal.

A typical Indian dessert, Rabbadi Nitrates is made from various nuts, milk and other ingredients. Kompas.com/Silvita Agmasari A typical Indian dessert, Rabbadi Nitrates is made from various nuts, milk and other ingredients.

In closing there is Indian Tea Cheese Cake which is chai bakeless cheesecake, pistacchio microsponge, nitro whipped cream, And rose caramel sauce.

FinalCrushed Almonds Rabbadi Nitrates Kheer made from almonds, pistachio koya, fresh milk ,rooh afza, rose water And desi ghee.

At the end of dinner the guests will also enjoy a very unique nitrogen rain sensation.

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All of these dishes can be enjoyed at Man Aur Tan Authentic Indian Cuisine Restaurant on 27-29 January 2023 for IDR 998,000 net per person.

There are also overnight and dining packages starting from IDR 1,530,000 net per room per night, including Molecular Gastronomy dinner for one person and free upgrades to the suites.

Apart from that, there are many other authentic menus that can be enjoyed at Man Aur Tan Indian Cuisine Restaurant.

Man Aur Tan Indian Cuisine Restaurant at Manhattan Hotel Jakarta is located at Jalan Prof. Dr. Satrio Kav 19-24 Karet Kuningan, South Jakarta.

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