A New Stage has Landed at Mrs Sippy

A new stage has landed at Mrs Sippy. It has been put thru its paces with major acts including The Presets and Basement Jax in town, recently and passed with flying, psychedelic colors.

I say landed ’cause, as you can see, it does have ὒber spaceship characteristics and it’s the perfect match for the stunning and expansive Mrs Sippy day club.

All aboard, let’s jump on and see what’s inside!

I spoke to Ian Johansson from Sontastic, who oversaw the development and building of the stage about its many interesting features.

“From the initial consultation to the finished installation, Sontastic took care of every detail and as we have been in charge of live event productions in Mrs Sippy since 2018, we knew how the venue worked inside and out. So we used Lynx Pro Audio DS-12 tops and our own SONiX 2 x 15″ kickboxes and subwoofers and the sound is immaculate,” Ian told The Beat.

“And to match the stellar sound, we’ve made a visual and light design that entices, but doesn’t overpower,” he said.

Here’s Basement Jaxx taking the new stage for a spin last Saturday night.

So, what are some of the other features going with the new setup?

“There is a load of more space than before for the performers and the audience to do their thing. The Backstage/VIP area has been super energized, too. We’ve completely changed the game in Sippy with that. Patrons are now in the front seat, literally when it comes to the VIP experience. It’s still a work in progress, but we have added the old stage as a VVIP sofa area and it’s already going ballistic. Once all the changes have been implemented Sippy will be offering an updated and very strong product.”

Are people complaining it’s not the same now as before and all that? I know how the die-hards go on sometimes.

“Nope, it’s sooo much better than before in every way,” the Sontastic boss told us.

The line-up at Mrs Sippy over the next few Saturdays was nothing less than stellar, including Torren Foot, Bag Raiders and Barney Cools Djs.

Get down soon to check the new stage for yourself.


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