Cynthia Lim — Group Revenue Manager at The Ascott Group — discusses the need for quick adaptation and responsiveness in the face of the pandemic. She emphasizes the importance of being able to adapt to changes and find different solutions.

The pandemic has brought about a significant shift in how things operate. And so, she believes, the ability to adapt quickly to the changing environment has become crucial.

Join Cynthia Lim as she shares her journey and showcases the resilience, innovation, and adaptability necessary to overcome challenges and drive forward amidst the pandemic’s impact.

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I think with the pandemic, things have changed. You need to adapt quicker to what’s happening in the environment, responsiveness, and of course, a high level of being able to adapt to changes and looking at different solutions.

Meet the Speakers

Cynthia Lim who is the Group Revenue Manager for The Ascott Group

Cynthia Lim
Group Revenue Manager
The Ascott Limited