Siddesh Gawde, Head of Marketing at Kingston Hotels Group, discusses the significant changes in the responsibilities of hotel managers since the COVID-19 pandemic. During the pandemic, some properties were converted into quarantine hotels, while others underwent refurbishment. With travelers visiting Bangkok, fewer hotel managers had the opportunity to reflect on essential systems and channels that needed improvement. As the situation improves, they are now analyzing and restarting necessary systems, as well as introducing new ones to adapt to the changing circumstances.

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So, all the responsibilities have changed quite a bit since the pandemic, because during COVID times, a few of our properties were quarantined hotels, and the remaining properties were under refurbishment. So, uh, that time was very slow-paced because very few travelers came to Bangkok. So, we had a lot of time to sit back and basically think of what are the initial channels or the most required systems that we need, and which could be paused for some time. Now, after the situation is getting better, we actually could analyze and think to restart all those systems which were much needed, and then the remaining systems were also added as well.

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Siddesh Gawde — Head of Marketing (Kingston Hotels Group

Siddhesh Gawde
Head of Marketing
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