Siddesh Gawde — Head of Marketing (Kingston Hotels Group) — highlights the critical role of automation in addressing the manpower shortage and driving profitability in the hospitality industry.

With a tight labor market, automation emerges as a key solution to streamline operations and enhance efficiency. Gawde encouraged commercial team heads to prioritize considering automation during these challenging times. The implementation of automation technologies can help overcome labor challenges and pave the way for improved profitability in the hospitality sector.

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I think one of the main things that is required is automation, because, as you all know, that hospitality currently, in terms of manpower, is really, really tight in terms of getting people in hospitality. So if automation is something, I think all the commercial team heads should consider it during this time.

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Siddesh Gawde — Head of Marketing (Kingston Hotels Group

Siddhesh Gawde
Head of Marketing
Kingston Hotels Group