Bringing Love and Support to Bali’s Street Moms. Charity Gala next week at Sheraton Kuta

Right Reasons Funding are thrilled to announce their upcoming fundraising gala, where the proceeds will directly contribute to breaking the cycle of begging street children and moms in Bali. With your support, they can help provide a safe place to call home, nutritious food, employment opportunities, education and skills training, enabling a brighter future for all.

Proceeds from last year’s Extravaganza secured a second safe house for the Bali Street Mums Project to provide nutritious food, shelter, education and skills for tens, possibly hundreds of families currently stuck in the viscous cycle of street begging. A lot of good people in town are behind this event and you can get involved too

🌟 Gala Dinner Event Details 🌟 Date: June 25th, 2023 Venue: Sheraton Kuta Beach Bali Resort

Image from last year’s Sheraton dinner

So what is it all about?

Freeflow Cocktail Reception: Upon arrival, immerse yourself in an atmosphere of compassion and unity during the freeflow cocktails reception. As you connect with other like-minded individuals, your presence will help us make a difference in the lives of Bali’s street children and moms.

Sumptuous Food. Next sit down and enjoy the 5-Course Seafood Dinner with Wine Pairing: Indulge in a delectable 5-course seafood dinner meticulously crafted by the talented chefs at Sheraton Kuta Beach Bali Resort. Each course, accompanied by thoughtfully selected wine pairings, will not only tantalize your taste buds but also contribute to the cause of breaking the cycle of begging.

Extravagant Circus-style Entertainment: Prepare to be amazed by a breathtaking circus-style entertainment performance that showcases the talent and dedication of artists while raising awareness about the plight of street children and moms. Your presence at this extraordinary event supports our mission of providing a safe and secure future for these individuals.

Live Music: Be enchanted by the soulful tunes of local musicians, adding a touch of harmony to the evening. As you enjoy live music, remember that your contribution is making a tangible difference in the lives of those in need.

Tons of Prizes: Participate in raffles and auctions featuring incredible prizes, generously donated by our supporters. By actively engaging in these activities, you directly contribute to the provision of a safe place to call home, nutritious food, employment, education and skills training for street children and moms in Bali.

Your participation and support at the gala will help break the cycle of begging and provide a brighter future for all. Let’s work together to empower these individuals and create lasting change in their lives.

Get Your Tickets Now! Join us in our mission by securing your tickets for the Bali Street Mums Extravaganza Gala Dinner. Visit our website to reserve your spot and be a part of this transformative event.


Together, we can make a difference in the lives of Bali’s street children and moms, providing them with hope, opportunity and a brighter future.

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