Caught eating durian at the hotel, this Malaysian artist was fined IDR 3.5 million


This beautiful artist from Malaysia must pay a fine of IDR 3.5 million. After he was caught eating durian fruit in his hotel room.

Durian fruit is a fruit that is loved and avoided by many people because of its pungent aroma. Unlike other fruits, durian fruit has a pungent, pungent aroma similar to the smell of leaking gas, and can last for days.

This is what the hotel manager considers to prohibit any of his guests from bringing fruit or food containing durian. Because it is difficult to remove the smell of durian from hotel rooms, and it takes about three days until the hotel room is free from the smell of durian.

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Reporting from SAYS (19/01), the regulation prohibiting bringing durians to this hotel does not only apply to Indonesia. But also in several countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, to Australia.

Caught eating durian at the hotel, this Malaysian artist was fined IDR 3.5 millionCaught Eating Durian at Hotel, This Malaysian Artist Was Fined IDR 3.5 Million Photo: SAYS

Recently a beautiful actress from Malaysia named Yumi Wong shared her story. In a conversation he uploaded on WhatsApp, by one of his film crew. The crew asked if Yumi ate durian in her hotel room, she said yes.

Because of this, of course, the hotel in Penang, where he was staying, had to impose a fine of around RM 1,000 (Rp. 3.5 million) on Yumi. Yumi of course pays the fine, and jokes that the durians are getting too expensive.

“I don’t know that this durian fruit is prohibited from being brought or eaten in hotels in Malaysia,” continued Yumi.

Yumi had asked for negotiations with the hotel to reduce the fine, but there was no further information.

According to several regulations in force, in Malaysia eating durian in public places such as on public transportation to hotels is prohibited. The fines that are imposed usually vary depending on the hotel or place manager.

Likewise in Indonesia, almost all hotels write a policy that prohibits bringing sharp-smelling foods such as durian to jackfruit.

The average fine that is imposed depends on the hotel manager. However, it usually ranges from Rp. 1 million – Rp. 5 million. Usually, the more expensive the hotel, the higher the fine for bringing durians.

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