Formerly known as Drunken Farmer, Common Man Night Shift is the after-dark extension of Common Man Coffee Roasters. Apart from a wide selection of natural wines, you can expect yummy food to go with the drinks. The space has also been refreshed to allow diners to have fun and try out the offerings on their new menu, drawing inspiration from the Mediterranean flavours.

Common Man Night Shift 01
Kick things off with some Hummus and Labneh, and Common Man’s freshly baked sourdough flatbread.
Common Man Night Shift 02
The Labneh is rich and creamy with a touch of aromatic herb oil while the Green Hummus has a local twist with the addition of laksa leaves and coriander. The suzable sourdough flatbread is a good carb to slather those dips on.
Common Man Night Shift 03
Common Man Night Shift 04
The Cacio E Pepe Udon Pasta was one of the recommendations. Homemade QQ Udon noodles are tossed in an unctuous cacio e pepe cream (pecorino cheese and black pepper) then topped with a runny egg and a mound of parmesan shaving – very cheesy, creamy and chewy.
Common Man Night Shift 05
The dish that surprised me most was the Duck & Foie Gras Pie. Cut into the flaky puff pastry made by Tiong Bahru Bakery and a luxurious filling of duck mince, foie gras and black truffles was revealed. The puff pastry is buttery but complements the rich meaty filling well. Fruity burnt apple puree and arugula and fennel salad are served on the side. Decadent, but worth it.
Common Man Night Shift 06
The staff at Common Man Night Shift will tell you to order their signature sourdough pizzas. The Umami Magic that we tried is a flavour bomb with a mushroom medley of oyster and shimeji, creamy ricotta and mozzarella plus a poached egg then topped with ma la chilli crisps for that aromatic spice.
Common Man Night Shift 07
My favorite from the night and something I will head back to Common Man Night Shift specially for, is this Sweet Dreams of Stracciatella pizza. A unique pizza that marries the savory flavors of the Mortadella and Mozzarella with the sweetness of pistachio paste and honey.
Common Man Night Shift 08
We tried two desserts – a Yuzu Cheesecake and the Okinawan Black Sugar Tiramisu. Spiked with yuzu flavors and a dash of herb oil, the Yuzu Cheesecake was lighter than expected so it was my dining companion and I had no problem finishing it quickly.
Common Man Night Shift 09
The Okinawan Black Sugar Tiramisu is a more interesting dessert. The sponge fingers are dipped in Hojicha and served with Okinawa black sugar and caramel soy sauce so you can expect sweet, creamy, salty notes.

Common Man Night Shift’s menu is a good complement to the diverse range of wines at Drunken Farmer. The Sweet Dreams of Stracciatella pizza is a good enough reason to return.

Budget per person: $30 to $40 per person

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