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Gilmours International Wine Competition

Now in its 3rd year, the Gilmours International Wine Competition has again attracted a selection of top quality, international wines available in New Zealand.

Wanting to create a list of “Best in Class” international wines, judged by a highly acclaimed panel that would sit proudly on any of our customers’ wine lists, we have been pleased to see some of our previous entrants as well as many new wineries and distributors showing an exciting and diverse range of international wines for us to offer our customers.

The two-day judging event run by Chief Steward Jo Gear took place in March, with all wine entries blindly tasted and judged based on their style, region, and vintage.

We were privileged this year to work with our Chair of Judges Emma Jenkins (Master of Wine), Sam Kim (Wine Orbit) and Jane Skilton (Master of Wine). All having extensive international wine experience and highly respected in the wine industry.

Emma Jenkins MW said, “It is a great pleasure to return as Chair of Judges for 2023. It’s been a pretty tough time for the hospitality industry, so it was heartening to see the increase in wines submitted this year. We are excited by the range of styles and varieties that make the “Best in Class” selection. We feel confident that there is a great range for Foodservice members to explore – some will be familiar territory and others will provide a solid platform to get to know the wide world of wine. We hope you enjoy them as much as we have.”

Receiving 253 entries of 25 varieties from 10 countries, we are excited to bring our Foodservice customers a beautiful range of “Best in Class” wines for 2023.

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