Siddesh Gawde — Head of Marketing (Kingston Hotels Group) — talks about how the RateGain products are helping the hotel chain solve their day-to-day challenges.

Siddesh talks about RateGain’s smart distribution channel manager and automated yielding products, solutions that help Kingston Hotels Group with yield management during peak times.

Talking about the challenges of the pandemic, he highlights the uncertainty of the Bangkok market that makes it difficult to predict the number of people coming and the required occupancies. Occupancies in Bangkok fluctuate significantly, creating unique challenges. It is in this unpredictable market that RateGain is helping Kingston Group solve critical problems related to yield management.

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We are using RezGain, which is the smart distribution channel manager of RateGain. And we are using this automated yielding product of RateGain which definitely helps us to yield during the peak times because currently the situation in Bangkok is we still cannot predict — How many people are going to go? How many people are going to come? And do we require in terms of occupancies? Like it jumps up and down. So it’s quite quite different this time.

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Siddesh Gawde — Head of Marketing (Kingston Hotels GroupSiddhesh Gawde
Head of Marketing
Kingston Hotels Group