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About Us

A hotel is a place to stay for migrants visiting an area where they do not live. Usually, hotels are used for people who are on vacation for a long time. Hotels themselves also have prices that vary from the lowest to the highest. The facilities provided are definitely according to the price. For this reason, we, stayhotel, are here to bring you news information about the hotel


Category 1

Cheap Hotels

Cheap hotels are hotels that have low prices or you could say budget prices. The facilities provided are also not many. this category is all about cheap hotels

Category 2


Hotels merupakan tempat penginapan untuk para pendatang. Orang orang menggunakan hotel sebagai tempat peristirahatan dikarenakan tempat tinggal yang jauhy dari daerah tersebut. Kategori ini semua tentang hotels

Category 3

Hotels Food

Hotels food is food provided by the hotel. The food is also of various kinds, some are in the same class as a restaurant. This category is all about hotel food

Category 4

Hotels News

hotel news is news that provides information about hotels. This information is in the form of hotel prices, new hotels, hotel recommendations and similar things. This category is all about hotel news

Category 5

Luxury Hotels

Luxury hotels are hotels that have luxurious facilities. The facilities provided are not only in the form of rooms but there are bars, restaurants, a large swimming pool and other luxury facilities. This category is all about luxury hotels

I recommend this website for those of you who are looking for news about hotels. Here you will be given a lot of information, starting from hotel prices, hotel recommendations with the lowest prices, new hotels and news about other hotels

Elizabeth Norton

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of course our website is very trusted

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Of course, this website is very secure

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No, we also provide tips and tricks in some news

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