Talking about the decade-long RateGain partnership with Millennium Hotels & Resorts, Saurabh Prakash [Group SVP (Commercial), Millennium Hotels & Resorts] highlights how the partnership has grown stronger over time. He talks about how RateGain’s 24×7 support has helped them overcome high demand periods in London and other challenges in the past.

Saurabh emphasized the importance of support, and how this has led to building Millennium’s confidence in the partnership.

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I think, if I’m not mistaken, I sort of took the custodian of the partnership when I joined Millennium about three and a half years ago. So, RateGain and Millennium have been there for almost a decade. And I’ve only seen in my time that partnerships grow from strength to strength. And we are really happy with the service that RateGain provides to Millennium.

As any partner, there will always be challenges. And I can think of an example. I remember maybe about two years ago or a year and a half ago, I was in London and the pent-up demand was just starting to come back. London was one of the first markets that was starting to come back and what had basically happened was that the amount of business — a good problem to have — which was the amount of business that was coming back, at that time, RateGain’s capability to handle that was not there. We would see restrictions not flowing through or bookings not coming in because the bandwidth was not big enough. So that was a problem and I still remember making calls.

And how RateGain is solved it is first of all was available to take the call. I think that’s point number one. When you have partners who are there for you 24×7, that gives us hoteliers the confidence and the ability that this is someone you want to work with. So, RateGain was there and the account directors and the managers, they were all there to solve it to the highest level possible. So, I mean, thank you Chinmai and Kamesh for all the support. And within 24 to 48 hours, we were solved. And not only solved for that but also for the future, so that those things did not repeat and, touchwood, for the last time that I can remember, I’ve not heard challenges like that coming back. So those are what really helps us to keep going with Partners such as RateGain.

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