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These heirloom Pig’s Organ Soup recipes have been passed down from generation to generation for almost 68 years. Started off with Thomas’ grandfather, Koh Kee Teo, selling Pig Organs’ Soup from a push cart. The current generation, Thomas took over the stall at Tiong Bahru Food Market in 2014 and has been featured in the Michelin Guide 2018 and consecutively awarded Michelin Bib Gourmand since 2019.

What you can expect at the new stall at Tampines Street 81, a variety of braised dishes including Braised Pig Trotter, Braised Big Intestine and Braised Small Intestine based on recipes from his mother. The stall opens daily from 10am to 8.30pm. We went during lunch hours and there was a long queue so be sure to skip the lunch crowd if you’re rushing for time.

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A melody of ingredients is served for The Pig’s Organ Soup (Small: $4.80, Large: $6.80); pig
liver, tripe, intestines, heart, pork balls, lean meat and salted vegetables in a light yet sweet broth. The broth is simmered for 8 hours with pork bones and salted vegetables to bring out the authentic Teochew flavour. Pssst, we drank the soup till the last drop and didn’t get thirsty after that.
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Braised Big Intestine ($5.00) is braised till a dark brown hue with a nice tender bite.
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The Braised Pig Trotter ($6.00) is braised in the braising sauce with soy sauce, the meat is decently tender but we feel that the skin can be more bouncy, gelatinous feel yet easy to bite into.
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The Braised Small Intestine ($5.00) is nicely braised however we would have enjoyed it more if the innards were cleansed.
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Other side dishes such as Braised Egg ($1.00) and Braised Beancurd (Small: $1.00, Large: $2.00) are good add on with the pig’s organ soup.
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