McDonald’s to change burger recipes –

McDonald’s is developing a series of upgrades for its most iconic burgers.

The fast food giant announced in America this week that it would be making “small but tasty improvements” to the company’s range of Big Mac, McDouble, cheeseburger, double cheeseburger and hamburger offerings.

Although the ingredients for all the burgers will largely remain the same, McDonald’s says changes to the preparation of its burgers will improve the quality of the finished product.

McDonald’s promises that its buns will be “softer” and more “pillowy” than its existing offerings. The grilling process is being modified to get a better taste on each burger patty, and the chain will make unspecified “tweaks” to its burger assembly process “to get hotter, meltier cheese.”

Instead of adding diced white onions to each burger after it comes off the grill, McDonald’s will add it to the patties while they’re still cooking. The chain says this will create a “juicier, caramelised flavour” than the standard method.

The Big Mac, meanwhile, will get a larger squirt of Big Mac sauce — a proprietary combination of mayo, mustard, relish, vinegar and seasoning.

The new-and-improved burgers are already being sold in West Coast McDonald’s markets including Los Angeles, Seattle, Las Vegas and Denver, as well as internationally in Australia, Canada and Belgium.

The revamped burgers will be more widely available in 2024, McDonald’s says, and there’s a rumor that the Hamburglar is making a return too!

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