Nagai Hokkaido Cuisine has to be one of Suntec’s better kept secrets. Tucked at the corner of Level 3 of Tower 1 (where Eat at Seven) is, Nagai serves both kaiseki (multiple course meal), lunch sets and most recently a seasonal executive set meal.

This season, the spotlight is placed on Tarabagani Red King Crab. Fleshy, juicy and springy in texture, the Tarabagani Red King Crab is a highly prized delicacy. At Nagai, the Red King Crab is served in a myriad of ways.

Nagai Hokkaido Cuisine 01
When served with the set, make sure to dig into the grilled Tarabagani crab first. The crab is grilled with butter so best enjoyed hot.
Nagai Hokkaido Cuisine 03
Warm your belly with the Tarabagani crab soup. I love how the flavors of the soup slowly become more pronounced with each slurp. The amount of crab in the soup is also rather generous, with fleshy crab meat. Very comforting and hearty.
Nagai Hokkaido Cuisine 02
The crab shredded over rice with maguro is the easiest dish to eat! The freshness of Hokkaido produce shines through in this dish.
Nagai Hokkaido Cuisine 04
To round off this crab feast, we have the hairy crab. The texture of the flesh is denser and firmer but it has a sweet profile and a naturally rich flavour. Best eaten by hand and that was exactly what I did. Finger-licking good indeed.

Nagai Hokkaido Cuisine opened in 2022 by Chef Makoto Nagai in hopes of sharing the spirit of Sapporo kaiseki cooking with Singaporeans. These crab dishes may be served in their omakase menus, if in season. Otherwise, you can try their set lunches, which are more affordable.

Budget per person: $59.80 per person

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