After the successful opening of the first Niu Dian in Singapore in February 2023 endorsed by Show Lo 羅志祥, Niu Dian has opened the second outlet at Holland Village in May 2023. What you can expect from this new outlet – introduction to a new beef rice bowl series, an alternative to the popular beef noodles.

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Similar to the popular beef noodles, Niu Dian also uses premium beef parts flowing in from Australia while the sauces and marinades are imported from Taiwan to maintain consistency in flavor across Niu Dian’s outlets. The Combination Specialty Beef Pearl Rice consists of boneless rib cut, tripe, tendon, and golden coins, set on soft, chewy premium pearl rice grains, and fluffy flavourful omelette. Special shoutout to the boneless rib cut – fork-tender, fall-apart meat. The chilli sauce is a must and complements the beef rice.
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What’s your favorite way of having a bowl of Premium Braised Combination Beef Noodles?

1. Having this bowl of Premium Braised Beef Noodles on its own.

2. Taste the original broth then add the braised sauce into the soup. Sip the original broth followed by adding the braised sauce into the soup. Place a portion of noodles in a small bowl, and stir in a small amount of braised sauce.

3. To make it a delightfully flavourful dish, add preserved vegetables to the noodles with a sour, salty and a hint of sweetness, mix well and start feasting.

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Some refreshing sides like cold century egg tofu and braised beancurd to start before having a hearty, beefy meal. The braised beancurd is quite bland while the cold century egg tofu sauce is too salty. We removed most of the sauces from the tofu.

Bubble tea (BBT) lovers will be delighted with local brand, Palace Tea! You can have your favorite bbt with your beef rice bowl or noodles. Some of the beverages such as chrysanthemum milk tea, lime & sour green tea with aiyu jelly, lychee mint black tea & more! Similarly, you can customize your drink based on your preferred toppings, sugar and ice levels.

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Dine in to Niu Dian at Holland with a modern and luxe interior. You can start making your orders by using the table QR code stickers on the table without waiting for the service staff. We visited on a weekend afternoon and it was a full house! Something different from the Taiwan store is that the sauces are not self-serve. We have to make requests to the service staffs and they have to request from the kitchen. The process took awhile, we almost empty our bowls by the time we received it.

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