Not a mall or a hotel, a PKL Center Raise the Degree of Pamekasan Traders, Become Madura’s Biggest Food Court

SURYA.CO.ID, PAMEKASAN – Hundreds of Pamekasan street vendors (PKL) were happy after the Regent Baddrut Tamam inaugurated the Food Colony located on Jalan Kesehatan, Sunday (22/1/2023). The Food Colony is one of two street vendor centers that were inaugurated, besides the Sae Rassah street vendor center on Jalan Dirgahayu.

The Food Colony will become the center for Pamekasan street vendors selling various kinds of merchandise. There are around 180 street vendors who will sell in the Food Colony. In addition, the Pamekasan Food Colony will be the only largest food court on Madura Island.

The chairman of the Paguyuban Food Colony Pamekasan, Mohammad Toha, expressed his gratitude to the Baddrut Tamam Regent, who has provided free selling facilities and facilities to the street vendors. He said, initially hundreds of street vendors selling on the roadside and on the sidewalk had to bear a high risk. Such as bearing the risk of accidents and policing from Satpol PP.

“On behalf of all street vendors in Pamekasan, I would like to thank the Regent for being given proper facilities. This is an honor for us street vendors,” Toha said starting his speech.

According to Toha, since the inauguration of the Food Colony, street vendors in the local district have upgraded their status to become food court traders. He considered that the selling facilities provided by Baddrut Regent were very appropriate because the street vendors could sell safely, comfortably and in a beautiful atmosphere.

“Initially we were selling on the side of the road, now there is a proper place thanks to the concern of the Regent Baddrut Tamam,” he added.

Toha prays that Baddrut Regent will be given health, smooth sustenance and ease all his affairs in leading Pamekasan. “I’m sure the Baddrut Regent is much loved by his people,” he prayed.

Apart from the Food Colony, Baddrut also inaugurated the Sae Rassah street vendor center which was occupied by 64 street vendors. In total there are 244 street vendors selling in the two centers. The existence of two street vendor centers in the city center is also a new breakthrough, the local government is serious about elevating street vendors without having to build malls or hotels.

Regent Baddrut said that after the two street vendor centers were inaugurated, the street vendors had leveled up to become traders. He wants these two street vendors centers to be happy places for Pamekasan people. “Hopefully the livelihood of the street vendors who joined the Food Colony and Sae Rassah will be added,” the Regent started his speech.

The reason for the regent, who is familiarly called Mas Tamam, to place the two street vendor centers in the heart of the city is because he wants to glorify street vendors so they can trade safely, in an orderly, beautiful and prosperous manner. He admits that he is grateful because hundreds of street vendors who previously sold on the side of the road and on the sidewalks want to sell at the Food Colony and Sae Rassah provided by the Pamekasan Regency Government for free.

“This place is guarded, no one is allowed to get dirty, if anyone bothers to pollute it, we’ll take care of it together,” he ordered the street vendors. ****

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