Galal Farag, the Corporate Manager of Revenue and Distribution at SafirHotels and Resorts, emphasizes the significant role of technology in delivering a seamless guest experience in the hospitality industry.

Technology enables personalization right from the initial interaction with guests. Online reservation systems allow guests to conveniently make bookings prior to their arrival. Additionally, communication channels like WhatsApp and chatbots enhance guest engagement and provide a platform for inquiries or requests.

Farag highlights the importance of channel management systems and revenue management systems in driving business growth for hotels. These technologies facilitate efficient management of distribution channels and optimize revenue generation. By leveraging technology, hotels can streamline communication, foster personalized interactions, and enhance overall guest satisfaction. The convenience and customization offered by technology from the reservation stage to the hotel stay significantly contributes to delivering a seamless and memorable experience for guests.

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One of the most important things in the hospitality industry is guest experience. The technology is personalizing this experience, starting from the day of walking in. Even before that, from day one, guests can make a reservation online. They can also chat with the hotel via WhatsApp or the chatbot through this technology. One of the most important technologies in hospitality and for hotels to generate more business is, of course, the channel management system and revenue management system.

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Galal Farag, the Corporate Manager of Revenue Management & Distribution at Safir Hotels & Resorts

Galal Farag
Corporate Manager, Revenue Management & Distribution
Sapphire Hotels & Resorts