Saurabh Prakash — Group Senior Vice President, Commercial (Global) — from Millennium Hotels and Resorts emphasizes the need to be creative, and to adopt technology solutions that can help customers get a better experience.

Giving the examples from Millennium Hotels & Resorts:

  1. Saurabh highlights how the hotel group utilizes technology to address staffing and operational challenges in the hotel industry. They implement solutions such as mobile check-in and digital queue systems to improve customer experience and reduce wait times.
  2. Saurabh recognizes the importance of embracing AI-driven systems for revenue management and digital marketing to stay competitive in the digital era<./li>
  3. Saurabh details out how Millennium Hotels & Resorts demonstrates creativity by being the first hotel chain to open a hotel in the metaverse. They believe that being innovative and exploring creative channels will attract future customers and generate more revenue.

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I think it is no secret that the entire hotel industry is going through a massive deployment crisis in terms of manning — particularly in service-led areas; whether it is front office or housekeeping or operations. So technology that helps our customers is the solution — whether it is the simple things like mobile check-in to have a digital queue system so that customers don’t have to wait at check-in. And these are the areas that Millennium has absolutely used technology to solve those critical problem areas that we did see during COVID or as pent-up demand started to come back.

I also think that it is really important for hoteliers to move in the future and take advantage of whether it is AI-driven systems, whether it is your revenue management systems, whether it is the digital marketing systems, so that the smart bidding techniques, the smart AI-driven revenue management strategies are put into place. Because the world has moved digital, and if we are still in the traditional space then we will lose out to our competitors. So that’s one.

The other, I would say, is extremely creative. There are areas in the hotel industry that what we see in today’s world.

I’ll give you an example. Millennium Hotels and Resorts are the pioneers in this space. We are the very first hotel chain to open our very first hotel in the metaverse. It’s called M Social Decentraland. meta dot(.) msocial dot(.) com is the site. You can go and have a look at it. Why did we do that? It was simply because we wanted to be there where no one else has been, and the future or the future customers will be in spaces like this. And we want to be forefront.

There will be more activations using this to really see how we can generate more customers and more revenues through creative channels like this. So being creative in this space in today’s world is the way to go.

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