The Basics of Hotel GDS Advertising

The Basics of GDS Advertising for Hotels

Hoteliers that sell available rooms on global distribution systems (GDSs), the leading booking channel for travel agents, can take additional actions to better showcase their offerings across platforms.

To remain top-of-mind among travel agents, and therefore their customers, properties can carry out Hotel GDS advertising to raise brand awareness, maximize their exposure, and generate incremental bookings.

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What is hotel GDS advertising?

GDS advertising, also known as marketing on the GDS or GDS Media, refers to advertising carried out on GDSs such as Amadeus.

It generally takes the form of an image banner or text advertisement that includes the hotel’s description, features, facilities, location, and rates, among other items. These ads are visually displayed on the GDS.

Why should hotels advertise on the GDS?

Per a recent Amadeus survey, travel agents are logging in multiple times per day to their preferred GDS and GDS usage is on the rise internationally.

Agents are seen as trusted advisors who are highly knowledgeable on the current industry landscape and know what to handpick for their clients.

Most agents rely on the GDS platform to search for hotel details, star ratings, rates and photos, making it a critical channel that hoteliers must keep up to date, more so now with the recovering industry.

How does GDS advertising help hotels drive more traffic?

When hoteliers advertise on the GDS, they are driving awareness of their property among travel agents who actively shop on behalf of their clients.

Once their attention is captured by a strong advertisement, promotion or photo, the agent will be more willing to recommend and sell these properties to their customers.

Connecting with travel agents through the GDS is a marketing tactic that needs to be prioritized: 88% of agents have reported that GDS ads have a level of influence on their buying behavior.

Hotels today can choose from a selection of GDS media placements to target travel agents, including sign-in ads, search availability ads, lock screen ads and sell-time ads.

Hotels can also market to agents by purchasing the top placements on GDS hotel search screens, or preferred placement products, similar to paid search on traditional search engines.

Other aspects hoteliers can consider when creating impactful ads are:

  • Varying banner formats across the different stages of the booking flow
  • Leveraging keywords that relate to rates and pricing, including the words “discount” or “promotion”
  • Using distinct icons to capture further attention
  • Portraying a high-quality and appealing offer for travel agents that includes commissions and other benefits

Where does hotel GDS advertising fit in the overall traveler’s journey?

Travelers contact travel agents when they are dreaming and planning for a trip first, before proceeding to book with their assistance.

A hotel with a successful marketing strategy will be present during an agent’s initial search in order to reach this highly qualified audience with a strong intent to travel, which can eventually lead to an increase in sales.

How to get started with hotel GDS advertising?

The best way to place a hotel in front of travel agencies around the world and increase revenue is to get in touch with a supplier of GDS advertising.

Amadeus is the only supplier of multi-GDS advertising, where hoteliers can advertise across all major GDS providers.

Powered by proprietary insights and hospitality industry expertise, the Amadeus Media Solutions team offers best-in-class advertising during the shopping and booking process, ensuring properties remain relevant throughout.

Thanks to our targeting capabilities, campaigns can be scheduled around specific promotions or sales periods, backed by strategies that consider booking lead times.

To get started with advertising on GDS, hoteliers should get in touch to explore Amadeus’ latest GDS advertising offers and opportunities.

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