This 5-Star Los Cabos Luxury Resort Officially Has The Best International Hotel Room Service

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Food & Wine magazine put out its inaugural Global Tastemakers award scheme in 2023.

In doing so, they sent many collaborators to test out different hotels, airlines, restaurants, cruises, and virtually any type of service that travelers may be interested in.

The results are in, and one Cabo hotel is the big winner in the international hotel room service category. That hotel was none other than the Waldorf Astoria at El Pedregal in Cabo San Lucas.

Room Service Served At A Beachside Resto With A View

Since its opening, the Waldorf has been widely considered one of the best, if not the outright top resort in Cabo.

The room service is an aspect that clearly blew away Food and Wine’s senior editor, Maria Yagoda. She had already been raving about the experience before the awards came out, saying in one of her articles,

“I could place all room service orders via text with my personal ‘butler,’ and it arrived right away.”

It wasn’t just the service itself that Yagoda raved about.

She would go on to say that the green chilaquiles served at the resort were the best that she’d ever had.

Oddly enough, breakfast dishes are not featured on the Waldorf’s room service menu that even non-guests can explore.

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Plate of green chilaquiles served for breakfast

That fact highlights, though, one of the elements that makes this room service stand out.

If you’re a guest at the Waldorf Astoria in Cabo you have access to a private butler. Essentially this butler can pass your special meal requirements to the kitchen, and they’ll be able to craft something according to your wishes.

Still, it’s a good idea to explore the menu to see what they offer.

Butler bringing drinks to resort guests

Tacos, Pastas, Salads, & A Selection Of Main Dishes Make Up The Main Menu

The in-room dining menu clearly states that the service runs from 11am to 11pm. That helps explain why breakfast dishes are not featured in it.

As previously stated, those can be ordered directly with the butler assigned to guests. Breakfast dishes come from Don Manuel’s, the restaurant at the resort that serves food to the early risers.

As far as the lunch and dinner menu, guests can find the typical appetizers that they have come to expect from Mexican restaurants, such as guacamole and nachos.

For those looking to get a real high-end experience, though, they may want to try the sea bass ceviche.

It’s made with chiltepin peppers, so it’s meant to be pretty hot! From there, the menu allows guests to order pastas or salads that they can personalize.

Essentially you can start with a base of Cesar salad and add chicken, beef, or other proteins to the plate. The same concept applies to pasta.

The main entrées for this season include an organic chicken dish, a catch of the day seafood option, and a seared rib-eye, along with a couple more dishes.

Ultimately what makes the experience unique is the personal touch that guests can apply to plates through direct communication with their butlers.

Seafood Dishes

Guests Have Access To The Entire Bar In The Room Service Menu

There are 6 full pages on the menu offering the different wines, liquors, and spirits that the resort carries.

It’s just that one of the highlights of the Waldorf Astoria resort is its massive wine cellar.

Again though, guests are potentially able to order any wine bottle they please, even if it’s not on the menu. They just have to coordinate things with their butler.

Without a doubt, guests at the Waldorf Astoria should expect premium service across the board.

What they should also expect is about a 30% markup on the prices that they see on the menu. That means the 15-dollar guacamole plate is going to cost more like 20 dollars. This is because the prices featured on the menu do not include the 16% IVA federal tax that all goods in Mexico have enforced on them.

Also, the resort typically charges a mandatory 15% tip fee to guests. By most accounts, even though it’s not ideal to have a mandatory tip fee, and it’s actually illegal in Mexico, the service at the Waldorf is worth it.

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