Tips and tricks to scale up your bottom lines this Valentine’s

Love is in the air and it’s a beautiful time for restaurants to ramp up their footfall by attracting love birds and singles alike. The discretionary spending of consumers surge by a great margin during Valentine’s week and according to the Retail Advertising and Marketing Association, about 13 billion dollars is spent by consumers each year around this time.

Tips and tricks to scale up your bottom lines this Valentine's

So tap into the vast potential and make sure you’re in the lead this Valentine’s Day by adopting these tips and tricks which will work wonders for your bottom lines!

1. Special Discounts and Offers

Bring your customers to the center and offer genuine discounts to help them celebrate their love. You can run a special singles discount to make them feel included or give out a 15% off on every 10th order of the day to make your customers feel lucky and special. Curate a different set of discounts and attract more consumers throughout the week.

2. Market it well

Market your offers well. Without marketing them and spreading awareness about your initiatives, the exercise can become futile. Ensure your social media is up to date and offline marketing is done right with upgraded pamphlets and flyers. Also, make sure you segment your customers and run targeted campaigns so that your most loyal customers get the maximum benefits.

3. Make it Easy to Book Reservations

It is clear that time of year when you do not want any technical glitches which can cause inconvenience to your customers or your staff. So make sure you’re able to take reservations seamlessly, handle tables and manage queues. Train your staff well in advance to manage rush hours during the week.

4. Surprise your customers

You can give out special mementos during Valentine’s week to make your customers remember the sweet gesture and make them come back again and again. It could be a complimentary dessert or the restaurant’s signature dish or even a piece of artistic cutlery.

5. Special Menus

Curate a special menu only for Valentine’s Day and create enough buzz around it. Provide special dishes or fusion foods as a limited period offering to increase your customer pool and also increase your repeat customer rate in the long run.

6. Focus on the experience

Last but not least, build a more experiential ambiance for your customers. Host comedy nights, singles events, live music, or game nights to provide an idiosyncratic and holistic experience to your customers.

So get ready to see your restaurant bustling with this Valentine’s crowd and get it up to your ears. These benefits will keep your topline surging even beyond the festivity so don’t miss out and make sure you do capitalize on the soaring romance in the wind.

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