Ayuk Yulianingsih, Market Team Manager at Booking.com, shares insights for 2023. Flexible conditions and non-refundable bookings are crucial for hotels to capture all segments and increase bookings. Travelers are price-conscious and value accommodations that bring quality without compromising services. Sustainability is growing, with 92% of Indonesian travelers favoring sustainable travel and 82% preferring properties with sustainability practices.

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Yes, at booking.com in 2023, we actually see the first one is that the majority of the advanced bookings are being made from flexible conditions. So, it is really important for hotels to implement both a condition like um flexible and also non-refundable so that they can capture all the segments and they can increase their bookings and also convert to their property.

And then the second one, we noticed that 62 percent of bookings or the travelers are more price-conscious. So, they will see the value from their bookings and it’s basically emphasizing the um, you know, profitability. And also, they will see whether what they spend for the accommodations brings value to their stay. And they also expect that without reducing the quality of the services that they might get from this value.

And then the third one, we see more and more increments in terms of the sustainability kind of things. So, in Indonesia itself, we see that 92 percent of Indonesian travelers insist on traveling more sustainably. And then we also see that 82 percent of travelers want to stay with properties that offer sustainability practices.

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