Uluwatu Turns on the Nightlife

Uluwatu has become one of the major areas of Bali to holiday and live over the past few years. It has come alive with people from all parts of the planet, mainly surfers first, but now also people from all walks of life. There are contributing factors for this migration to the south, including beautiful white sand beaches, not so much rainfall, less traffic issues getting around, and nowadays, a plethora of new dining and entertainment options busy most days and nights of the week. Young people are turning their backs on places like Canggu or Seminyak and moving to the Bukit, and really, I can see why, the place has a lot going for it.

Most weekends are pumping on the deck and main stage at Ulu Cliffhouse

We asked rising star DJ Papū, who happens to be playing and living most weekends nowadays in the Uluwatu area, what he thought the best run-down would be to get among the good times on the weekend in that south west corner of Bali.

Thursdays are all about cashew tree. They normally have great live music and the place is pumping.

Fridays. You can’t beat Tabu restaurant and bar, they have DJs (me included) and it’s busy. Ulu Cliffhouse always has a crowd and weekly house DJ nights till late. Half price selected drinks too. Recently opened Baracca has a bar/club vibe on Friday nights as well till late. Savaya day club on the south coast has hip hop or special events on Fridays.

Savaya is the next level in wow factor and top tier entertainment

Saturdays. Savaya is normally rammed with big international guest DJs (hip hop & electronic music). Get there about 5pm. Tabu has DJs and classy electronic music most Saturdays. There is a special event on the deck at Ulu Cliff most Saturdays, or if there is a big international act the main stage will be set up next to the pool.

Sundays. Single Fin is an institution in front of the Uluwatu surf break and has live music and DJs most nights of the week, but Sunday is when it really grinds. (Commercial house music). Savaya gets tribal with Southern Tribe (Afro house vibe) & international headliners.”

Single Fin is now an institution right on the Uluwatu cliff overlooking the surf break

There are also a number of great dining options in the Uluwatu area too. What do you think are the better options Papū? “Ours, Rolling Fork (Italian), Suka (brunch & dinner), Tabu (dinner), newly opened Mason, Ulu Cliff, Lucky Fish (local fish BBQ on Bingin Beach), Yeye’s (best Nasi Campur), El Kabron (Spanish ).”

Hey Papū bro, thank you for your time and the words of local knowledge.

You can catch Papū playing his tunes in Tabu, Ulu Cliffhouse and Savaya, among other hot spots on the Bukit and down town, too.

Get in Uluwatu, folks. You’re sure to have a great time.

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