VioKitchen | You’ll Find All Kinds Of Foods – Tasty Burgers to Chicken Cutlet Rice to Papaya Salad to Briyani to Nasi Kerabu.

VioKitchenbeing the first brand new concept of cloud kitchen in Sembawang conveniently located on the ground level of Nordcom 1 with dine in capacity up to 10pax. Make the most of a cloud kitchen to dine in, takeaway and to deliver tasty meals right to your doorstep. At VioKitchen, they are served up a variety of cuisines. You’ll find all kinds of foods – tasty burgers to chicken cutlet rice to papaya salad to briyani to nasi kerabu.

What I like about VioKitchenyou may order your food, drive and collect your food right at their doorstep. VioKitchen is also accessible by foot, bus 969 & 965 from Woodlands Bus Interchange and bus 962 & 859 from Sun Plaza. If you simply feel like staying at home or office, there are also food delivery options from Grabfood, Foodpanda, Deliveroo and Lalamove.


Introduced in November 2022, WowBurgers sets a goal in mind to provide quality, tasty, juicy and affordable burgers to customers. The founder had this idea of ​​creating a burger with a wow factor to ensure tantalizing taste buds and whetting customers’ appetites. Check out the amazingly crafted menu with burgers, wraps, char-boil classic delights like chicken chop and fish & chips and even kids friendly items including popcorn chickens, cheese fries, onion rings, umami corn, and tater tots.

Open from Monday Sunday, daily from 11am – 10pm.

vio kitchen WowBurgers 01
Don’t you like the idea of ​​topping your burger with onion rings and an egg? I love how the BBQ Signature Burger (S$13.90) is built. Generously stacked with a beef patty (120g), egg, onion rings, caramelised onions, mild cheddar cheese, drizzled with BBQ sauce and mayonnaise, all sandwiched between two sesame butter buns. The thick and juicy beef patty simply hits the mark with a good ratio of lean meat combined with the crunch of the onion rings, and the sauces add a nice richness and creaminess to the burger. It’s impossible to enjoy a burger without a pillowy, soft, buttery bun.
vio kitchen WowBurgers 02
When in doubt, go for the Classic Double Crispy Chicken Burger (S$9.90). Sinks your teeth into crunchy, shatteringly crisp crust, fried to golden-brown perfection and tender savory meat. Topped with homemade coleslaw with smoky mayo sauce delivers a delicious layer of umami flavour, while a creamy spread of mayonnaise perfects the whole experience.

樂福 Lovely

Started with a friendship since university and love for food and hospitality before lovely is built. It was a good chat with both founders, Derrick and Alastiar from different works of life. Derrick, is a former chef of a well-known chicken rice stall, while Alastiar is an ex-banker. Besides offering affordable bentos to corporate clients and customized orders for events like gatherings, birthdays, and celebrations, lovely also supports back to the community. Participating events like Food For Cause, providing a tasty and inexpensive meal to charities or vulnerable groups. The menu is filled with crowd-pleasing staples ranging from chicken/fish cutlet rice to newly launched grilled chicken noodles at wallet-friendly prices. Also, be spoilt with 10 different in-house sauces to be served with your meal.

Open 11.30am – 9.30pm Daily.

vio kitchen Lovely 02
While the meat is undoubtedly a key component of chicken rice, I personally feel the main character is rice. It has all the heartiness of grainy and flavourful mouthful that I’m looking for. Classic Chicken Set Meal (S$6.30) is served with tender chicken cutlets, vegetables and achar. Enjoy the achar sides giving the extra crunch and complement to the chicken cutlet rice.
vio kitchen Lovely 01
Deluxe Chicken Leg Box (S$8.50) is a newly launched dish, bone-in, skin-on chicken leg is my favorite cut of chicken, resulting in juicy meat and charred skin. The flavors seep into the meat down to the bone while the noodles are tossed in a mildly spiced sauce.


Chef Apple’s appreciation for Thai cuisine was developed at a young age growing up in Nong Khai Thailand, which is well known for its homey and quiet ambience. With over 5 years of experience cooking authentic Thai food, you can expect a variety of Thai dishes ranging from appetizers, salads, soups and also crab dishes. Some of the signature dishes which include Basil Pork Rice and Papaya Salad with Raw Flower Crab. While at the back of the kitchen, Chef Apple is using the traditional wooden pestle and mortar to prepare her spices and papaya salad.

Open 11.30am – 8.30pm daily. (Except Sundays)

vio kitchen NewThaiFood 01
Basil Pork Rice (S$8.50) is a classic Thai street food that is prepared with minced pork, basil and chilli. Best served with a Thai-styled fried egg and white rice. Thai basil pork is flavourful and fiery hot, hot lovers love it, best eaten with rice. You may also request for less spicy if you can’t take too spicy food.
vio kitchen NewThaiFood 02
This dish reminds me of the good old days when I visited the land of smiles, Thailand. A local once shared that you have to eat papaya salad with raw crab, that’s the authentic way of eating Thai papaya salad. And I got addicted, but there aren’t many Thai cafes or restaurants in Singapore offering this dish. Glad that Chef Apple has curated Papaya Salad with Flower Crab ($20.50) which includes all the traditional ingredients like fresh crunchy long beans, green papaya, tomatoes, chilli, dried shrimps, peanuts, lime. This dish is fresh and crunchy with a vibrant dressing, and I especially like it with extra long beans and flower crab, making it hearty enough for a main course meal.

Davina’s Kitchen

Morin and her husband, David is the founder of Davina’s Kitchen. While Davina is also their beloved daughter’s 2nd name, Mikeala Davina Mahindran. Although Morin was in the medical line for the past 20 years, her passion for cooking hasn’t stopped and has been passively home cooking since 12 years old.

After Morin was deployed to different foreign works dormitories during the COVID-19 outbreak, he noticed that the foreign works were unable to get good Indian food and were missing their families. Thus, Morin has crafted a bento menu of home cooked Indian food at a nominal cost and have received many positive heartfelt compliments and reviews.

Open from Tue- Sat (10am – 7pm) , Sun (10am – 3pm)

vio kitchen Davina's Kitchen 02
Biryani is one of the family’s favorite dishes and a popular dish on the menu. The recipe is passed to Morin from her mother and mother’s younger sister. Mutton Biryani Set (S$11.80) is made of fragrant basmati rice, raita, boiled eggs with a choice of meat curry or chili flavors like chicken, mutton, prawn and fish. Soft, tender curry meat is balanced off with cooling and refreshing raita. A special shoutout to the fragrant homely basmati rice which I’m loving it so much. They’re homemade seasoned with caramelized onions, lemon, yogurt, coriander leaf, mint leaf maintaining the same authentic secret flavor and texture of traditional Indian food. Not forgetting the crisp crackers, it’s a must for every meal.
vio kitchen Davina's Kitchen 01
Keerai Curry with Quail Eggs Ikan Bilis Sambal Set (S$12.20) is inspired by Morin’s Malaysian mother-in-law’s authentic kampung style cooking. The secret homemade lime pickle is taught from scratch by Morin’s mother-in-law. I personally enjoyed the quail eggs ikan bilis sambal the most! It’s comforting, mildly spiced, savory and chewy. Keerai Curry is a healthy choice of curry and mild in taste. Both dishes go well with light and fluffy basmati rice.

check out Davina’s Kitchen if you’re looking for comforting and homely Indian food at affordable prices.

Gurindam by Farida Queen

Gurindam by Farida Queen is founded by Farida who has over 20 years of experience as a hawker and canton operator serving nostalgic Malay cuisines. Gurindam means poetic, and heartfelt. It is also the message that Farida wishes to convey to the diners, something that is nostalgic and keeps them longing for a taste. Started by Farida who has been in the trade for over 20 years as a hawker & canteen operator, handling the trade to her daughter and son, Kyn and Shafie. Currently, the stall is taking pre-orders and will open to delivery platforms such as Grabfood & Foodpanda soon. Expect dishes from the daily Nasi Lemaks and Nasi Ambeng, to the more unique and unknown dishes from Pantai Timur (East Coast of Malaysia) where Farida originated, such as Nasi Kerabu & Laksam. For more updates, check out IG @Gurindambyfq.

vio kitchen Gurindam 02
Nasi Kerabu -$10.00
vio kitchen Gurindam 01
Ambeng Rice – $8.00 – $10.00

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