Digitalization plays a big role in all our lives. Whether we want it or not, it is the future. Are you resisting or embracing it? Regardless of where you stand, today, I want to bring to you some ideas for digital foundations in hospitality to consider when running your hotel operations.

One of the most important areas that all industries are already working towards is the personalization of guest experiences.

  1. Personalized Guest Experiences: Creating Unforgettable Stays for Every Guest

    To provide outstanding tailored services and create unique experiences, it is crucial to partner with hotel technology that enables you to recommend and customize room amenities, provide bar & restaurant recommendations, and – on top of it all – also offer highly targeted promotions.

    Personalization does not stop at merely targeting the potential guests while they are booking their stay. Rather, it should be a part of the entire guest journey, from booking to arrival and throughout their stay.

therefore, mobile is the next suggestion on my list.

  1. Mobile Technology: Redefining Convenience and Efficiency in Hospitality

    While choosing the right digital partner, it is of paramount importance to look for partners that can engage your customers on their mobile phones, and provide services such as seamless check-ins and check-outs, keyless entry to rooms, mobile payments, and in -room controls for lighting, temperature, and entertainment.

Following the same line of thought, a safe bet would be to integrate Chatbots are powered by Artificial Intelligence.

  1. AI-Powered Chatbots: The Future of Guest Interaction in Hotels

    These chatbots not only handle routine queries in real-time, saving resources in every department, but also provide hoteliers with real-time sentiment analysis while interacting with guests. Using these analytics will put you on the right path of personalizing guest experiences and adapting to your clients’ demands effectively.

The world is moving faster than ever, demanding real-time decisions. This brings us to the next big thing in digitalization: Real-Time Data Analytics.

  1. Real-Time Data Analytics: Unveiling Insights for Smarter Revenue Management

    How often do you analyze market trends, competitor pricing, and guest booking patterns? Can you put all of them together and finish in last than 30 minutes? If the answer to the second question is NO, it’s time to consider investing in a revenue management system that can consume the above metrics along with many other factors that affect our industry.

    This technology will provide you with data-driven insights, improving profitability and enabling you to apply revenue management strategies by finding the right price for the right customer at the right time.

Pros of Trip: Ensure that you understand the algorithm used for analysis, and that it is powered by AI to continue learning from new patterns found in the data provided.

  1. Direct Booking Initiatives: Embracing Independence and Maximizing Profits

    The era of depending on third parties for revenue and paying high commissions for selling your entire inventory is quickly changing. To stay ahead in the game, it is crucial to partner with technology that provides you the flexibility to offer direct booking exclusive deals, loyalty programs & rewards, and enhanced benefits; all while maintaining a strong presence on search engines to compete and retain traffic and your targeted audience.

    And achieving this requires something that is often overlooked by many hoteliers – partnering with a digital marketing company specializing in our industry.

We have the power to transform the future of hospitality while transforming guest experiences, becoming more efficient and encouraging revenue management strategies, if you want to grow and stay relevant, take the above pieces of advice!

About the Author

Marianna Degreedi
VP – Sales, Europe